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Enabling Innovative Solutions

The Lateral Network
an experiment in collaboration

Lateral Engineering Solutions has developed the Lateral Network to be a practical framework for collaboration amongst uniquely talented independent contractors, specialized manufacturers, and nimble solution providers. It's a unique, multifaceted service & collaboration offering to dynamically connect and enhance the resources of its participants, while offering clients flexible access to their services and expertise. 

Learn more about the Lateral Network's Solution Providers & Collaborators, as well as the wide range of expertise accessible through its members. Also, be sure to visit Meet the Lateral Network, where its deepwater professionals will share more about their background, expertise, and individual pursuits.

Welcome to Our Site

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC (LES) is currently seeking unique collaborative opportunities and building a network of solution providers. If you're interested in learning more about partnering with LES to develop your concepts, connect with a growing network of uniquely skilled professionals & businesses, or add new perspectives to your team please get in touch through our Contact page, or by using the form below.

​This site will be a growing source of information about our company, expertise, and projects. As a company based on partnerships you can also expect to see more about our partners and collaborators. Please come back again to see what we’re doing, and let us know when you’re ready to be a part of it!

Working With You

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC (LES) provides a unique, collaborative alternative for engineering design, consultation, and services. Our name says it best, or at least most succinctly. We're an engineering company that enables creative, practical solutions by thinking laterally and inviting others to collaborate, where innovation starts with how we do business.

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Engineering Sketch


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Consultation Clients


Unique and practical ideas come from people familiar with how things are done, or how equipment is used, but often they don't have the resources to develop their idea further. The reality is that most industrial customers will only purchase products from companies, not ideas from people.

We're here to connect with innovators and become part of their team to develop their ideas into comprehensive technical packages that are ready to market & manufacture.


Not every company has the engineering resources to design custom components or equipment beyond their core business. At the same time, restrictive intellectual property protections and exclusive contracts can de-incentivize the development of innovations with other companies.

We're flexible to enable your success, whether it's finding solutions to improve your existing business or providing the benefits of in-house technical resources. Partnering with us also connects your capabilities to our network of solution providers.


Many providers of technical/project services can deliver consistent results when things go as planned, but when unexpected issues arise a standard procedure may not be appropriate or timely. Consistency can also blind us to better alternatives, which need to be actively sought even when everything is working. 

We're committed to providing our consultation clients with effective solutions, facilitated collaboration, and alternative perspectives that will help you achieve the best results.

Deepwater Systems & Tools
Design for Performance

Drilling, completion, and intervention of deepwater wells requires a wide range of specialized equipment to get the job done. LES offers technical/project support for several types of systems, helping your project deliver equipment that is designed, manufactured, tested, and maintained to appropriate standards. Regardless of the technical or project challenges you run into, we use our lateral approach to ensure you have the performance necessary to succeed.


TTR & Tendon Systems

* MODU Drilling Riser Systems
* Spar and TLP Drilling & Production Riser Systems
* TLP Tendons & Piles
* Flange, Weld-on Threaded, T&C, and Specialty Connectors 
* Buoyancy, Strakes & Fairings
* Coatings & Cathodic Protection
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and elastomeric seals
* Running, Retrieval & Test Tools
* Interfaces (Rotary, BOP, ROV...)


Top Tension Riser & Tendon Systems


SSWH Systems

* HPHT & High Fatigue Systems
* Jetted/Driven Conductor, LP Housing, & Surface Hangers
* HP Wellhead Housing, Casing Hanger, Seal Assembly, Lockdown Sleeve
* Guidance Equip, Cathodic Protection, ROV interface
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and elastomeric seals
* Submudline Hanger Systems
* Running, Retrieval & Test Tools


Subsea Wellhead Systems


XT & CI Equipment

* High Pressure / High Temp.
* Subsea Tree, Valves, Actuators, Connectors
* Tubing Head, Tubing Hanger
* TH Running Tools, IWOCS
* Winches, Reels, Chain Jacks
* ROV Tooling & Interfaces
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and Elastomeric Seals
* Open Water Running, Retrieval & Test Tools
Cathodic Protection

Subsea Tree, Completions & Intervention  Systems

Shielded Arc Welding

Support Tools, Test Fixtures, & Fabrication Aids

Design for Value

  • Fitness for purpose

  • Manufacturing optimization

  • Reliability in operation

  • Economic material selection

  • Expedited schedules

  • Rapid prototyping 

  • Additive manufacturing 

Well Driller

Our Vision is to be...

  • a champion for innovative solutions to industrial/commercial scale problems by providing a new path for development that minimizes barriers and rewards contributors.

  • a preferred partner for innovative engineers & designers, small businesses, and manufacturers ready to develop their ideas into marketable industrial solutions.

  • a preferred engineering consultant by efficiently providing value to stakeholders through open communication of opportunities/risks and facilitating collaboration among relevant parties.

  • a flexible designer & supplier of quick turnaround and highly customized components utilizing 3D printing/additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and other specialized technologies.

  • a resource for young/future technical professionals by active participation in STEM related academic & community projects, in addition to making spare in-house technology and manufacturing capacity available for educational purposes.

The Lateral Blog
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If you have any questions or want to discuss an opportunity to collaborate, please contact us directly or submit this form.

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC
Cypress, TX

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