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All About LES & Les

What is Lateral Engineering Solutions?

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC (LES) was established in 2021 to drive innovative, practical solutions in heavy industrial applications, particularly in the Deepwater Oil & Gas sector. As the Founder and Engineering Director, I bring over 17 years of industry-specific expertise in Deepwater project engineering and technical assurance in SURF & Wells. At LES, we specialize in harnessing lateral thinking and fostering collaborative environments to solve complex, dynamic problems that are both high-impact and high-risk.

Our business model centers around performance-based agreements, ensuring alignment with our clients' goals and establishing a low risk/high reward partnership. We bring the advantages of in-house technical support to your team without the logistical complexities of onboarding new personnel. Whether your project involves reducing costs, increasing efficiency, or a specialized technical need, LES is committed to adding value or candidly pointing you in the right direction.

To expand our innovative solutions, LES is strategically aligning with a variety of trusted partners—equipment suppliers, manufacturers, fabricators, and service providers. This network allows us to recommend solutions that are truly the best fit for your challenges, free from the constraints of any one company's portfolio.

Our consultation services cover the entire lifecycle of mechanical design, focusing on robust, reliable, and efficient systems that can operate under extreme conditions. We approach each consulting engagement as a collaborative partnership, tapping into a wealth of collective experience, industry knowledge, and unique insights.

Who is Les E. Griffin, P.E.?

I am a Texas-licensed Mechanical Engineer with a rich career history in the Deepwater Oil & Gas industry. My journey began in 2006 as a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, leading to roles at both an equipment supplier and oil major before launching my engineering firm. This experience has imbued me with a comprehensive skill set that spans design, analysis, fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance of offshore structures.

My career landmarks include leading technical projects like the Olympus TLP / Mars B development, which entailed design considerations for post-Katrina extreme loads and unprecedented fatigue performance metrics. Moreover, my roles have provided a deep understanding of manufacturing and quality processes, which I find invaluable in designing for manufacturability.

Beyond engineering, I'm deeply committed to fostering an inclusive, neurodiverse work environment that thrives on lateral thinking and problem-solving. My chronic neck, back, and migraine conditions have encouraged me to build an ergonomic workspace conducive to remote work, a flexibility that I extend to LES’s business operations.

Establishing LES is a natural progression of my career and personal ethos. I aim to bring my unique perspectives and dynamic problem-solving skills to a wider audience, both inside and outside of the traditional Oil & Gas sector. I look forward to engaging with clients who are ready to solve complex problems through collaborative and innovative engineering solutions.

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect and explore how Lateral Engineering Solutions can add value to your project.

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