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Welcome to Lateral Engineering Solutions

We've streamlined our site to focus on what we do best: specialized engineering consulting services. Discover how Lateral Engineering Solutions can elevate your next project with our innovative, practical approaches. Feel free to reach out and contact us.

Mechanical Design & Analysis
Transforming Ideas into Innovative Solutions

Concept & Detailed Design

LES delivers expert engineering design from concept to completion. We specialize in remote CAD services using advanced Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360, ensuring seamless integration with your team.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our FEA services offer in-depth insights for challenging projects. Utilizing Solidworks Simulation Premium, we analyze mechanical and structural equipment under extreme conditions, providing reliable, innovative solutions.

Working With You

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC (LES) isn't just another engineering firm. We're your collaborative partner for design, consultation, and tailored engineering solutions. Our approach is lateral—thinking creatively to solve your most complex challenges. With LES, innovation is not just what we deliver, it's how we do business.

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Engineering Sketch


Modern Digital Watch

Consultation Clients


Have an idea but lack the means to bring it to life? We get it. Great ideas often originate from those closest to the field but go undeveloped due to resource constraints. In an industry where credibility comes from companies, not individual innovators, we serve as the bridge. We amplify your ideas into market-ready, comprehensive technical packages


Lacking in-house engineering expertise? No problem. Intellectual property issues and restrictive contracts can stifle innovation; we’re here to change that narrative. LES serves as your flexible, extended engineering arm, offering solutions and connecting you with our broad network of experts and solution providers.


When the going gets tough, standard solutions often fall short. We excel at troubleshooting and deliver effective, customized solutions even when unexpected issues arise. Our commitment to you includes facilitated collaboration and fresh perspectives to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Deepwater Systems & Tools
Design for Performance

Drilling, completing, and maintaining deepwater wells demand specialized equipment. LES offers comprehensive support for various systems, ensuring that equipment is designed, fabricated, tested, and maintained to meet rigorous standards. Faced with technical or project challenges? Our lateral approach delivers the performance you need for success.


TTR & Tendon Systems

* MODU Drilling Riser Systems
* Spar and TLP Drilling & Production Riser Systems
* TLP Tendons & Piles
* Flange, Weld-on Threaded, T&C, and Specialty Connectors 
* Buoyancy, Strakes & Fairings
* Coatings & Cathodic Protection
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and elastomeric seals
* Running, Retrieval & Test Tools
* Interfaces (Rotary, BOP, ROV...)


Top Tension Riser & Tendon Systems


SSWH Systems

* HPHT & High Fatigue Systems
* Jetted/Driven Conductor, LP Housing, & Surface Hangers
* HP Wellhead Housing, Casing Hanger, Seal Assembly, Lockdown Sleeve
* Guidance Equip, Cathodic Protection, ROV interface
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and elastomeric seals
* Submudline Hanger Systems
* Running, Retrieval & Test Tools


Subsea Wellhead Systems


XT & CI Equipment

* High Pressure / High Temp.
* Subsea Tree, Valves, Actuators, Connectors
* Tubing Head, Tubing Hanger
* TH Running Tools, IWOCS
* Winches, Reels, Chain Jacks
* ROV Tooling & Interfaces
* Ring Gaskets, M2M and Elastomeric Seals
* Open Water Running, Retrieval & Test Tools
Cathodic Protection

Subsea Tree, Completions & Intervention  Systems

The Lateral Network is a dynamic collaboration hub linking specialized independent contractors, manufacturers, and agile solution providers. This framework enriches participants' resources and offers clients flexible, direct access to a diverse range of expertise. Explore the Lateral Network or contact us to learn more.


Reach out to us at Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC to transform your engineering challenges into innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions—whether you're in the Deepwater Oil & Gas sector or exploring new frontiers.

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC
Cypress, TX

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