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About Us

Lateral Engineering Solutions LLC (LES) was established in 2021 to enable creative, practical solutions by thinking laterally and inviting others to collaborate. Founder & Engineering Director Les Griffin, P.E. utilized this lateral approach to create a business model that would facilitate innovation in heavy industrial applications by focusing on results, while taking advantage of his technical expertise and unique perspectives from 15 years in Deepwater Oil & Gas.


Our success as a facilitator and problem solver relies on conveniently adding value for customers and partners alike. We use performance-based agreements to align our goals with yours and ensure working with LES is always a low risk / high reward opportunity. Using our non-traditional, but practical, approach we can often provide the benefits of in-house technical or project support without the complications of onboarding someone new to your team. Adding value for each of our industry customers and partners is an ambition we're committed to proving, whether that's through reducing costs/scope, increasing quality/efficiency, or letting you know when we're not the best option.

To offer our customers effective and innovative solutions we're building a portfolio of trusted partners including equipment suppliers, manufacturers, fabricators, and service providers. We're not in the business of manufacturing, project management, or manpower. This frees us to find unique offerings, by eliminating the restrictions and potential biases of companies proposing solutions that only they can deliver. We gain a thorough understanding of our partners' capabilities and qualifications, so we can identify new customers or applications for their expertise.


We offer flexible consultation services with project delivery & technical expertise covering the full lifecycle of mechanical design for heavy industrial applications that demand robust, reliable, and efficient systems for extreme conditions. We approach consulting as a collaborative partnership to find practical solutions that draw from our collective perspectives and resources. 


Our development focus is collaborative mechanical design, where we partner with other innovators to develop complete drawing/document packages ready for licensed manufacture. Teaming with us to transform your great idea into a marketable solution provides access to our engineering design tools, technical expertise, industry knowledge, as well as the unique perspectives and insights that set us apart. packages are the result of our collaborations and include the technical drawings, specifications, and supporting analysis needed to manufacture your concept. These packages represent the core of our business, with our success relying on beneficial partnerships in development and consistently providing value to our end-use customers.


Compensation for individuals bringing concepts to LES for development uses a straightforward royalty mechanism to ensure innovators can directly benefit from ongoing licensing fees. We believe that working with us on one concept shouldn't prevent you pursuing other ventures or give us rights to your other creative works, so we strive to minimize intellectual property restrictions through well-defined contract scopes.


Our Mission is
Facilitating Solutions & Enabling Innovation

Our Vision is to be...

  • a champion for innovative solutions to industrial/commercial scale problems by providing a new path for development that minimizes barriers and rewards contributors.

  • a preferred partner for innovative engineers & designers, small businesses, and manufacturers ready to develop their ideas into marketable industrial solutions.

  • a preferred engineering consultant by efficiently providing value to stakeholders through open communication of opportunities/risks and facilitating collaboration among relevant parties.

  • a flexible designer & supplier of quick turnaround and highly customized components utilizing 3D printing/additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and other specialized technologies.

  • a resource for young/future technical professionals by active participation in STEM related academic & community projects, in addition to making spare in-house technology and manufacturing capacity available for educational purposes.

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